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exploRE: The Bible

What is it?

exploRE: the Bible is a series of six sessions designed for use with young people aged 11 to 14: in RE and RME lessons at school, or run within church youth groups. Used together, the sessions offer a whistle-stop tour of the Christian holy book, giving young people a greater understanding of where it came from, what's inside, and the impact it has had and still has on people all over the world.

Course outline

1Introduction to the Bible
  • To identify what students already know of the Bible
  • To provide an overview of Christian perspectives on what the Bible is
  • To introduce what the Bible says of itself and its significance
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2What's in the Bible?
  • To begin to explore the variety of writing found in the Bible
  • To help students find their way around the Bible
  • To think about how the different elements of the Bible fit into one whole
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3Using the Bible
  • To explore Christian perspectives on how to read the Bible
  • To help students examine different passages from the Bible for themselves and evaluate the impact on a reader
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4The significance of the Bible
  • To provide students with a sense of the impact the Bible has had on UK culture
  • To introduce students to the importance of owning a Bible to people in non-western cultures
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5The reliability of the Bible
  • To examine and evaluate some of the arguments surrounding the reliability of the Bible
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6Interpreting the Bible
  • To introduce students to some of the different ways Christians might interpret the Bible
  • To evaluate the relevance of the Bible to people living in today's culture.
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How should I use these lessons?

The sessions incorporate a mixture of games, activities, discussions and media to help young people to explore some of the key questions each session raises.

In a schools context, each session can be used in isolation and will easily slot into a module on (for example) sacred texts. Sessions 1-4 are accessible for early KS3 and S1, although sessions 5 and 6 are perhaps more suited to older students. Used as a module, these lessons should provide a good foundation on which to build any further study of Christian beliefs and ethics at GCSE or Standard Grade.

Supporting video material can be found on exploRE TV at explore-tv.co.uk.